Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of coffee do you serve

We work with like-minded specialty coffee roasters like Nylon Coffee Roasters, Dutch Colony Coffee, Common Man Coffee Roasters and other specialty roasters. Depending on your preferred kind of coffee, we can help recommend the appropriate choice of roasters for you and your guests. All coffee are specialty grade arabica coffee.

What is your coffee menu?

All our coffee are espresso based. That means we are able to serve the full selections of espresso based coffee like long black, cafe latte, cappuccino etc. However to ensure a productive and efficient way to serve out coffee, we have simplified our coffee menu to just Black or White coffee.

How fast can you serve?

Handcrafted coffee takes time. However, by managing crowd order and having reliable equipment, we are able to serve approximately 50-70 cups of coffee within an hour with a single setup. That's an estimation of 1 cup of handcrafted coffee in every minute.

Do you serve iced coffee?

Yes. We can include ice coffee selections to the menu depending on the size of the crowd. Talk to us and we will do our best!

Do you serve syrup or flavoured coffee (eg. Caramel Macchiato, Hazelnut Latte, etc)?

We believe good coffee on its own should have that exhilarating, scintillating, and explosive flavours. That’s what great coffee should be, a balance of acidity, body and flavour. Hence we do not offer syrup or artificial flavourings to our coffee.

Do you serve anything other than coffee?

Yes. We offer a selection of tea for non-coffee drinkers as well as hot cocoa. If you have other special requests, we are open to hear from you.

Why do you not serve sugar for your coffee?

We strongly believe a good cup of coffee on it’s own carries unique flavours and needs no sugar added. By a good cup, we meant well sourced, well roasted and well prepared coffee. Hence, we strongly encourage our guests to experience specialty coffee in it’s original form. Nonetheless, we will always stand by some raw sugars for those who needed that extra boost in sweetness.

What do I need to provide prior to engage OLLA's mobile coffee services?

We would require a minimum space of 2m by 2m for our coffee cart and equipment set-up. In addition, we also need to have access to preferably 2 nos of 13 Amp power points.

​​​Can you work with our own counter?

Yes we can. That's our flexibility. All we need to do is to work closely with your team for the openings on the counter top for our equipment.

What are the modes of payment upon confirming the mobile coffee service engagement?

A 50% down payment deposit is required upon confirmation of event date with you. We accept cheque, internet banking or credit card payment to our OCBC corporate account. Details will be provided upon signing up.

What is the cancellation policy?

We understand that there will be times where unavoidable cancellation will be required. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy in our Terms and Conditions.

How early should I confirm my event date?

We prefer to have at least 2 weeks notification prior to your event to ensure our coffee beans will be well developed in taste. For more advanced bookings, we normally take in events that are at most 6 months in advance.

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