Mobile Coffee Catering Service – Weddings

Why Olla’s Mobile Coffee Cart?

People remember those moments you created in a wedding. Those moments will eventually become memories for life; a great way to reminisce.

We believe the presence of good coffee will bring more cheers to you and your guests. It is one thing that a great coffee never fails to do.

Did we also mention that our coffee are great and need no sugar?

mobile coffee catering - weddings with a satisfied coffee lover

Loved by All

We have designed a coffee menu which caters to all of your guests; regardless whether they are coffee lovers or not. Alternative non-coffee options can be made available as part of our mobile coffee catering service for your guests.

Alternative Options available:

  • Selections of Tea
  • Chocolate
  • Cold Brews

Convenience With Quality

Book online with us 2 weeks in advance and we will mobilise our coffee cart(s) to make your wedding day special.

Quality Assurance:

  • Use of Filtered Water
  • Roast-to-Order Specialty Coffee beans
  • Chilled Fresh Milk

mobile coffee catering - our team before the event starts
mobile coffee catering - free complimentary rubber stamping

Personalised Service

We add that extra touch to your wedding by customising our paper cups with your personalised logo. It’s totally complimentary from us and you get to keep the stamp as a momento!

Dessert Table Pairing

We worked with a few recommend a well known dessert table partner who serves wonderful desserts which compliment well with our mobile coffee catering service for your wedding. Drop us a message if you are looking for one to pair up with out coffee!

mobile coffee catering - dessert table pairing with coffee

Our Mobile Coffee Catering Packages for Weddings:


Specially designed for 100 guests or less.

  • 1 hour service
  • Estimated 70 cups coffee
  • Single cart setup


Coffee service for 100 – 300 guests.

  • 2 hours service
  • Estimated 150 cups coffee
  • Single cart setup


Double setup to cater for 200 – 500 guests

  • 2-3 hours service
  • Estimated 300-350 cups coffee
  • Double cart setup

Need something other than the above? Contact us

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